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Teresa Llacuna

1352887365_004max.JPG Teresa Llacuna, a Catalan artist, followed an uncommon path: At first she studied in Barcelona -Spain, where she was born, with a professor trained in Paris. She first met with success at the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, when she was fifteen years old. She was noticed by Alfred Cortot who invited her to Paris. Thereafter, she was taught by Bela Siki, a Hungarian pianist.

Throughout her brilliant career, she performed before audiences in France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the former Soviet Union, among others. She performed recitals and concerts with the most renowned orchestras: The Spanish National Television, the Dresden Philharmonic, Radio France, The National of Lyon, Tenerife, and Palatinate...

Concurrently, she recorded for EMI and Sony.

Her many televised performances were always enthusiastically recognized. Teresa Llacuna was appreciated for her outstanding communication capabilities along with her sense of the styles, her in-depth search for perfection, an absolute precision of her technique, and creativity always at the service of musicality.

Nowadays Teresa Llacuna does not perform anymore for health reasons and after an in-depth research on physiology, she started a righter and scientific approach towards the instrumental and physical piano techniques. This work was based on her stage experience and her collaboration with Maria Curcio. This famous professor encouraged Teresa to teach and develop her own pedagogy by creating a very personal approach.

Through this competition Teresa Llacuna offers her personality and experience to young talented pianists who know as to make alive the soul of the music beyond the brightness of virtuosity.

After nine years of existence, the Teresa Llacuna International Piano Competition has already left its mark on the musical scene.

Teresa Llacuna chose a direction of her own for this competition. She explains:

"I would like this piano competition not to be one among so many others. We want to avoid the spirit of struggle, which sometimes spoils some competitions. I would like the participants to appreciate each other by mutual enrichment. They of course have to be technically talented artists and be capable to communicate with the audience and convey the subtleties of the work they are playing"

Teresa Llacuna reference discography:

                        Three centuries of Spanish Music SODER
                        De Falla Complete Works EMI SONY
                        Granados Recital EMI SONY
                        Two Pianos Rondos Chopin EMI

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