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Article 1 - General points : Read more

The "Concours International de Piano Teresa Llacuna-Ville de Valence" is open to pianists of any nationality.

Required level : end of studies in national music Academies or Music High Schools, or "Conservatoires" or Universities of equivalent level 
Age limit : the candidate must be older than 18 and less than 31 years on the first day of the competition

Prizes :
            - 1st Prize  : 4 000 €
            - 2nd Prize : 2 500 €
            - 3rd Prize  : 2 000 €
Other awards:
Special awards or prizes can be attributed by the Jury without financial reward.
A recital could be offered to one of the winners by our musical partners    

The list of the winners of the competition will be widely issued to various musical partners and pubished on the Alink-Argerich website.

A previous winner of a financial reward of our competition is not admitted.

Article 2 - Entrance authorization into France : Read more

  Candidates requiring a french visa have to ask  quickly for an individual convocation in order to make easier their visa application  .

Article 3 - Registration : Read more
The following documents must be sent preferably by e-mail to the address of candidacies administration department* before the limited day written on the registration form :
              - The Registration form (downloaded on the site) - readable and fully completed
              - A Curriculum Vitae (cursus of life) : studies, musical experiences during the last 3 years (two pages max)
              - A copy of Identity Document or Passport
              - One recent photo, free royalty
              - A copy of recently obtained graduation or a recent level certificate witnessed by a well-known teacher. This document must be written in French or in English
             - One receipt evidencing payment of the registration fees, to be obtained from the issuing bank.
The registration fees, 100 €, must be paid by electronic transfer to our bank account ** Charges of the transfer must be paid by the candidat'
A registration confirmation will be sent by e-mail or by postal mail within a week. This registration confirmation does not presume acceptance of the candidacy which will be effective only after the file inspection by the administration of the competition.
The result of this inspection will be sent to the candidate as soon as possible after the end of the registrations. After acceptation of the candidature by the commitee the fees shall refunded or transfered for the next competion in no case. No member of the jury takes part at this inspection.
The official invitation will be notified 15 days before the event.
*Candidacies administration department: (preferably)

or :

« Gestion des candidatures »
21 chemin des Charmettes

**Bank account :

CIPTL , Crédit Agricole Sud  Rhône Alpes
Agence Valence Hautes Faventines 
  Count number is on the Registration form
Article 4 - Travel fees and hosting : Read more
Travel and lodging arrangements have to be paid by the candidates.
Free hosting in a family for the sole candidate can be studied when requested within the registration file. The number of hosting families is limited, so this possibility must be demanded on the registration form. After the proposal of a family and the acceptation by the candidate, this lodging will become compulsory.
Some hotels, closed to the academy of music "Conservatoire", are listed on the competition website (Competition - Pratical information).
Article 5 - Organization and course of the Competition : Read more

Auditions are public. The Preliminaries and Semi-Final will take place in the main auditorium of Valence’s Music Academy (Maison de la Musique et de la Danse - Valence - Drôme - France) on a Yamaha grand piano.. The Final will take place in the "Théâtre de la Ville" - Valence - Drôme
Rooms with piano will be available to the candidates for their practice in the Music Academy.
All the candidates have to be present at the beginning of the afternoon before the qualifying tests (i.e. on Wednesday at 1.30 pm) to attend the drawing of their running time and order. In case of non justified absence of a candidate, his participation to the competition will be cancelled and his registration fees will be not refunded. In case of absence for major reason, the candidate, after having informed the Administration of the competition, will accept the running time and order drawn by a member of the association board. He will then be present the first day of the qualifying tests and at the first hour. 
It will be possible to test the competition piano before the auditions. The testing time will depend of the number of interested candidates and also the moment of their arrival on wednesday afternoon.

Article 6 - Jury : Read more
The Jury will consist of 5 international professionnal personalities from the piano world selected by the Competition founder.
Two of them must be foreigners.

Competence and working :
The Competition founder and the President of the Jury will specify the content of the musical program. This program is on the site (Competition) and on the registration form.

During the tests the jury reserves the right to interrupt a candidate in case of overtaking  of the allotted time or should his (her) level be insufficient. He will appreciate and appraise : technical mastery of the piano, musical exigency of the program, strict respect of score and of its style.

Also for reasons of his own the jury may change the order or the schedule of the tests.
The Jury reserves the right not to attribute the prizes and awards if he judges that the level of the candidates is insufficient. He can attribute special prizes without financial rewards.

The Jury is independent and sovereign. His decisions are irrevocable and final.

 The association CIPTL, as the Administrator of the competition, is in no way responsible for decisions of the jury and can neither modify nor cancel these decisions and the Jury is not responsible for management decisions of the CIPTL
Article 7 - Image reproduction rights : Read more
The candidates agree to be interviewed, photographed and recorded during the competition. These records or pictures could be published on the competition website or any other media without prior authorization.

Thes medias for promoting the Competition and winners will under no circumstances be the object of commercialization.
Article 8 - Acceptance and respect of the rules and regulations : Read more
In case of non-acceptance and/or of non-respect of the rules and regulations or of any rules and regulations set at the time of competition, the violating candidate will be eliminated from the competition.
By participating in the competition, the candidates implicitly fully understand and accept the present rules and regulations.
Article 9 - Dispute : Read more
In case of dispute, only the courts of the Drôme County shall have sole jurisdiction over the said dispute.
Only the french writing of this rule would be credited.

Article 10 - Insurance : Read more

The candidates have to subscribe a civil liability insurance for the duration of the competition

Article 11 - Availability of these rules : Read more

These rules are available for the 2018 competition

Article 12 - Cancellation of the Competition : Read more

Should the competition be cancelled for CIPTL internal reasons, the inscription fees will be refunded. In any other cases, they will be not.

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