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The Concours International de Piano Teresa Llacuna
-Ville de Valence

Jury et lauréats concours 2015 Le jury 2015 à pieds d'oeuvre

The International Piano Competition Teresa Llacuna-Ville de Valence sprang from a suggestion of the pianist Pascal Gallet, one of Teresa Llacuna's followers.

This competition was created in 2003 by a group of music-loving volunteers gathered within "Musiqualitas" an association which promoted the competition until the 2010 session.

Wishing to enhance the philosophy and the musical values carried by Teresa Llacuna, this group widened and decided to give another dimension to this competition by bringing it to the highest renown and to make it a prestigious event.

A new association "Concours International de Piano Teresa Llacuna- C.I.P.T.L- " was created to take over the management.

As this project was endorsed by local and regional authorities, it was decided that the city of Valence -France-  would host the event.

Since 2011 the competition takes place in this city at the "Valence-Agglo Music and Dance Academy".

The municipality of the city of Valence, the department of the Drôme and the region Rhône Alpes support in a sustained way the activities of the association C.I.P.T.L. and more particularly the annual piano competition.

 In 2013, the competition was distinguished with the label "Ville de Valence", and is henceforth named: Concours International de Piano Teresa Llacuna -Ville de Valence.

Choosing to display the Blazon of Valence with the title of  the competition, the CIPTL Association wishes at the same time to show the strength of its local implanting and to contribute through its own development to the renown of the Valence, city, the Drôme department, and the Rhône Alpes region.
Since 2003 the Concours International de Piano Teresa Llacuna-Ville de Valence received many candidates and artists as members of the jury:

Session First prize President of the jury
2016 Ting-Chia HSU (China) Dominique Merlet, concert performer
2015 Giulio Biddau (Italie)
Dominique Merlet, concert performer
2014 Julian Pflugmann (Germany) Dominique Merlet, concert performer
2013   Nora Bartosik (USA/Japan)   Dominique Merlet, Concert Performer
2012 Yuki Kondo  (Japan)
Dominique Merlet, Concert Performer
2011 Christia Hudziy  (Ukraine)
Dominique Merlet, Concert Performer
2010 Florian Puddu  (France)
Milena Martinez-Alicino  (Spain)
Leslie Wright, international, Pianist, Concert Performer
2009 1st Price not awarded Désiré N'Kawa, Concert Performer, Teacher at the Alfred Cortot Music Academy and the Paris Schola Cantorum
2008 Duanduan Hao  (China)
Désiré N'Kawa, Concert Performer, Teacher at the Alfred Cortot Music Academy and the Paris Schola Cantorum
2007 Yumeto Suenaga  (France-Japan)
Christian Ivaldi, Concert Performer
2006 Akiko Shindo  (Japan) Dominique Merlet, Concert Performer
2005 Antoine de Grolée  (France)
Sébastien Risler, Teacher at the Geneva Music Academy
2004 Eri Taga  (Japan)
Teresa Llacuna, Concert Performer

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